2 Versatility Features on the Volvo S90

No one likes searching for their keys in the dark to open or start the vehicle, and no one enjoys getting lost. That's why Volvo has made two features standard on its luxury sedan, the S90. At Volvo Cars of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, VA, we want you to know about the benefits that will make getting into the vehicle and finding your destination even easier.

With the keyless entry and push-button start, you don't have to search in your bag to find your keys. When the key is in your pocket or bag, just touch the driver's door handle on the outside to unlock the car. Once you're in the S90, just push the button to start the car.

And when you use the built-in navigation system, you'll see turn-by-turn directions on your driver or center display. Just use the steering wheel or voice controls to tell the car where you want to go.

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