Android Auto - Technology You'll Never Want to Be Without

Android Auto is the technology you’ll never want to be without. Today our smartphones are so much more than just phones. They allow us to schedule appointments, listen to music, communicate with friends, play games and surf the web while safely driving our vehicles. If you want to know more, stop at Volvo Cars of Lynchburg and get the scoop on Android Auto.

Android Auto allows you to connect your Android smartphone, tablet or other Android-based devices to your vehicle and enjoy technology while on the road. From email, text messages, eBooks, sports scores, lowest gas prices, GPS navigation and voicemails, Android Auto offers it all. All you have to do is download the app and you’re all set.

Once you experience all that Android Auto has to offer, you’ll wonder how you ever go along without it. Come to our dealership and take a vehicle out for a test drive.



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