How To Know If Carpet Is A Better Choice Than All-Weather Floor Mats

In terms of functionality, all-weather floor mats certainly have their appeal. Drivers can rely on these accessories when shuttling human passengers, driving around with their pets, or wearing shoes or boots that are caked in dirt and mud. At Volvo Cars of Lynchburg, we want to help shoppers explore their options in accessories, and identify the perfect flooring choices for their lifestyles and needs.

Understanding The Appeal Of Carpet

Although automotive carpeting isn't generally designed with protection in mind, it can be an incredibly attractive choice for those who have specific ideas about overall vehicle aesthetics. You can choose from plush carpet styles, durable, rugged designs, and high-end Berber carpet. There are also many different carpet colors available, including options that are guaranteed to blend seamlessly with other elements within the vehicle interior.

The Drawbacks Of Installing All-Weather Mats

While all-weather mats are made to provide superior protection, they aren't necessarily as attractive as carpeting. More importantly, these mats are generally offered in a very limited number of basic colors such as beige, grey, and black. To check out our latest auto accessories or to test drive our cars, stop by Volvo Cars of Lynchburg today.


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