Factors That Matter In Fuel Economy

You might think that the surest way to get good fuel economy is by buying a fuel-efficient vehicle. While this certainly is a smart choice, there are many other things that you'll need to do to limit your spending at the pump. At Volvo Cars of Lynchburg, we want locals to know about several of the top factors that matter in fuel economy.

Under-Inflated Tires Can Cost You A Fortune

Neglecting tire care can cost you quite a bit over time. Under-inflated tires are very detrimental in terms of fuel-economy, even if you're driving a fuel-efficient auto. Have your car regularly serviced, and always include tire inspections and tire care in your service requests.

Drive At Reasonable Speeds

Speeding will increase the rate at which your car burns gas. This is all the more true when you spend a lot of time rapidly accelerating and then braking. Keep your speed at or under the posted limit, and minimize the amount of time that you spend driving at speeds over 50 mph. Visit us at dealer for auto servicing or to check out our inventory of fuel-efficient vehicles.


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