If you have not seen the Volvo V60 Momentum in person, it is time for you to check it out. The exterior certainly grabs your attention right away, but its interior trim features make this vehicle a patently classy choice that can withstand whatever the road puts in your way.

The standard interior trim choices for the Volvo V60 Momentum allow you to select between cloth upholstery or leather seats in either blond or charcoal. This pairs with the color of the leather steering wheel and all of the panel inserts. Your other option is to choose wood grain interior panels with the blond seat covers. If you go with the manual transmission, the gear shift is outfitted in smooth leather. The door sills display an aluminum Volvo logo inlay that lights up when opened.

Take the classy and comfortable Volvo V60 Momentum for a spin today at Volvo Cars of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, VA.

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